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Annual Report

Earthen Manure Storage Monitoring: PSC Elstow Research Farm Inc.

As the Saskatchewan hog industry grows, so does the publics environmental awareness. This has led to earthen manure storages having higher standards to uphold to. These improvements have not decreased public concern, so solute migration through the liners of different hog manure storages are being...

PAMI Builds Tanker Truck for Research and Demonstration

A truck-based system with vacuum/pressure tank was developed to apply swine manure to research and demonstration plots throughout Saskatchewan. It can travel long distances, use a high or low disturbance injection to apply swine manure and be able to pump manure from swine directly from...

Behavioural Diversity in Groups of Juvenile Pigs

Individual differences in pig behaviour may be strategies of coping with a challenging environment. Pig performance varies and this may be related to individual behavioural characteristics. Three main factors were identified regarding personality. These included responses to social displacement activities, response to humans and moving...

Sequential Analysis of Belly Nosing of Early Weaned Pigs

Belly nosing has increased since implementing segregated early weaning in order to improve disease control and performance. To investigate how to decrease this behaviour, motivation behind belly nosing was monitored on pigs 7 days after weaning. Pigs who spend more time lying and eating participated...