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Annual Report

Evaluation of a Prototype Air-Filtered Transport Trailer

In response to the need by the industry for a livestock vehicle that addresses increased animal welfare and biosecurity during transport, a prototype air-filtered trailer was developed. Design parameters were gathered from a stakeholders’ survey and initial design configuration options were narrowed down using computer simulation.  The final design featured a trailer...

Interaction of Dietary Fibre and Immune Challenge on Threonine Requirements and Pig Robustness

Sub-clinical disease results in reduced growth and less efficient use of nutrients. With the elimination of in-feed antibiotics for growth promotion it is increasingly important to understand the interaction between nutrition and health and nutrient requirements during disease challenge events. This project set out to more fully understand the interaction between dietary...

Development of a Commercial Scale Air Treatment System

An air cleaning technology based on biotrickling filtration developed in previous phases of the project was scaled up  and tested at the PSC swine grower-finisher facility. Results showed that the air treatment units were effective in reducing the levels of ammonia, dust, and odour from the air stream at...

Interaction of Dietary Energy and Phytase on Performance of Weanling Pigs

Approximately 60 to 80% of the phosphorus (P) in cereal grains and oil seeds is bound to phytate and unavailable to monograstics, including swine. Supplementing swine diets with the phytase enzyme improves P availability and retention. The phytate molecule complexes other minerals, proteins, and starch, however, the research examining the...

Impact of Prod Use on Highly Stressed Pigs

Pigs were subjected to three different handling treatments as we moved them through a 300m handling course. Despite traveling the same distance as the others, pigs moved at a moderate pace with only a board, quiet voice and gentle slaps, were essentially unstressed by the procedure. Pigs handled aggressively,...

Engineering Controls Reduce Hydrogen Sulphide Exposure in Swine Barns

Three engineering control measures were developed and tested for effectiveness in protecting swine barn workers from exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas during manure handling events. A remote manure pit plug pulling system allowed the worker to pull the manure pit plug from outside the room. A water sprinkling apparatus was...