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Measuring the Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance and Pathogens

Public apprehension about using antibiotics in livestock production is increasing along with concerns about antimicrobial resistance. Measures have been implemented in Canada that include a total ban on livestock feed with antibiotics and strict regulations on using antibiotics as a treatment for sick animals. Producers...

On-Farm Demonstrations Quench Thirst for Water Knowledge

In an on-farm demonstration, nipple drinkers were replaced with water bowls in the nursery to see how water disappearance was affected. Water disappearance was reduced by 33% when the bowls were used and no negative effects on pig growth performance were noted. As water wastage...

Weaner Transport: Journey Duration Influences Piglet Physiology

Meat quality and animal welfare are negatively affected by transport as it is a stressful experience, but an integral part of pork production. Factors that affect market pigs include stocking density, vibrations, temperature fluctuations, total time off food and water and noise. Weaned piglets will...

Managing Winter Ventilation

Assuming proper ventilation parameters are monitored and daily maintenance and repairs are performed, winter ventilation is not that different than any other time of the year is Saskatchewan. Staff need to be more vigilant on ensuring day to day fluctuations in room temperature are at...

Breeding Sow Mortality and Euthanasia

As pigs are becoming more prolific, the average mortality and euthanasia of breeding sows has doubled to 10%. There are many causes, the main ones were examined. The leading cause of death and euthanasia are prolapses accounting for 25-50% of them. Lameness and serious injuries...

Making Cents of Enrichment

Enrichment can be easily overlooked. It is now listed in the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs that multiple forms of enrichment must be provided to improve their welfare. Enrichment reduces problematic behaviours like belly-nosing and tail-biting. It encourages normal...

Feeding Mycotoxin Contaminated Grain

Moulds and fungi can infect grains and cause mycotoxin production. A number of mycotoxins affect pig performance. The presence of mould or fungi does not guarantee the presence of mycotoxins and there may not be any obvious mould when mycotoxins are present. Temperature and humidity...