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Cleaning Ease and Animal Welfare Implications of Trailer Design

The aim of this initial study was to develop an inventory list of trailers commonly used for the transportation of market hogs in Canada. Hog transport companies in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario were visited in order to document various trailer features specifically those influencing ease of cleaning and animal...

Influence of Sow Lactation Feeding System on Performance

All three feeding systems resulted in similar sow and litter performance, however, both the electronic and modified feeding system resulted in a significant reduction in feed wastage and, therefore, an estimated saving in feed costs of $8.50 per lactation compared to manual feeding. The modified feeding system is a...

Spray Dried Bovine Plasma for DON Contaminated Nursery Diets

The current experiment showed that DON did have a detrimental effect on ADFI and also showed some negative eff ects on ADG. Moreover, SDBP showed a beneficial effect on ADFI when present with DON in the diet but did not have a beneficial effect on ADG. Finally, DON...

Response of Finishing Pigs to High and Low Crude Protein Diets

Supplementing a low protein diet with the limiting amino acids is often more cost effective than using an additional amount of the particular protein source. Two experiments conducted using grower and finisher pigs confirmed that performance could be maintained when either high or low crude protein diets are...

High-Oil Oat Groats for Weaned Pigs

The interest for weaned pigs of oat groats with high oil content was evaluated. The groats contained 95 g oil, 159 g  crude protein and 3.72 Mcal DE/kg DM. Weaned pigs fed for 4 weeks (7 to 22 kg) with diets containing graded levels (0, 15, 30, 45%)...

Reducing Energy Use in Group Housing Systems

In this study, controlled-chamber experiments were carried out to develop an operant mechanism that allowed the sows to demonstrate their preferred environmental temperature and to study the effects of fibre addition on growth performance and physiological response. Results showed that sows fed with high heat-increment diet were able to...