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Prairie Swine Centre’s Contract Research Program offers corporations and associations the Centre’s expertise and access to its facilities to conduct research and development on their own products. Prairie Swine Centre Staff are GLP/GCP Trained certified.

Participating companies determine their own research needs and research protocols for experiments are developed. All studies are conducted in a confidential manner following typical commercial swine management practices unless specified in the protocol. Only two limitations exist: the research must not violate the laws of Saskatchewan and Canada and the protocol must not compromise the well-being of the animals involved.

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The Contract Research Program at Prairie Swine Centre also offers clients the opportunity to conduct studies applying the highest standards of study conduct – Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Clinic Practices (GCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Applying such standards is desired or sometimes required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in order to register drugs, hormones and feed additives and other products intended to be used in meat-producing animals. The program staff has a combination of education, training and experience required to comply with these very stringent standards and regulations.

The Contract Research Program also counts on the specialized support of on-site scientists in the areas of ethology, nutrition, reproduction, engineering, and production management.

Prairie Swine Centre’s facilities are diverse and well equipped, thus making it possible to conduct research ranging from basic and intensive to very practical and commercial. The program’s capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Animal performance trials

  • Preference and palatability studies
  • Determination of nutrient digestibility
  • Vaccine antibody responses
  • Evaluation of carcass modifiers
  • Use of vascular and gastrointestinal tract cannulations
  • Measurement of carcass characteristics and pork quality traits
  • Equipment development and evaluation

“We conduct contract research on behalf of corporations or associations in a professional environment designed with their needs and interests in mind”

For more information on the Contract Research Program, and how it can benefit your organization, please contact:

Raelene Petracek – Research Assistant, Contract Research Services

Phone (306) 667-7440, Fax (306) 955-2510

Email Raelene 


Some of the unique features that Prairie Swine Centre can offer to your organization


  • Participating companies determine their needs, and with our assistance, the research protocols are developed
  • Only two limitations exist: the research must comply with the laws of Canada and the Province of Saskatchewan; The protocol must not compromise the well-being of the animals involved


  • The Study Director is responsible to you for each experiment from the conceptual stage, through to presenting the final report
  • GLP/GCP-trained technicians look after the care of the animals and collection of experimental data
  • The specialized support of on-site scientists is provided in the areas of ethology, engineering, reproduction, nutrition, and production management
  • We are familiar with USFDA GLPs, OECD GLPs, USFDA GTASP, VICH GCP, GMP and HACCP and apply these standards not only to regulatory studies, but also to most sponsor studies


  • We offer a modern genotype commonly used in North America
  • All experimental trials are conducted following typical, commercial swine management practices unless specified in a trial’s protocol
  • Experimental diets include feedstuffs commonly used in swine diets in Canada and the USA

Confidentiality and Ownership of Information

  • The research conducted is property of the client
  • Even the names of sponsoring companies are confidential
  • If you later decide to make your results public domain, we would then offer you expertise in disseminating and marketing your results


  • Contract research experiments are conducted in specially designated areas that do not conflict with the conduction of public research experiments
  • Proprietary Research Unit holders have guaranteed annual access to these animal facilities