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Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Training For Liquid Manure Handling Systems

Prairie Swine Centre is pleased to offer a four hour Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Training Workshop for anyone working in an intensive livestock operation or anyone involved with the handling of liquid manure.  Specifically employees and owner-operators in the swine, dairy and liquid manure transportation industries.

The benefits of attending the workshop include increased workplace safety by increasing awareness of hydrogen sulphide, knowledge on the latest information regarding strategies to reduce hydrogen sulphide exposure, and the opportunity to share hydrogen sulphide related experiences that may help save lives.

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Graduate Student Training

Graduate students are considered an essential part of our research program. They bring new perspectives to the Centre and their intense interest often leads to new ideas and questions being asked and traditional ideas being challenged.

The Centre’s goal is to create a graduate program that prepares students for successful employment in academic and commercial environments, incorporating a solid background of relevant sciences, completion of a superior research program and maximizing exposure to the commercial pork industry.

The unique relationship that PSC has maintained with the University of Saskatchewan, in particular the College of Agriculture and BioResources and the College of Engineering has made the graduate program possible. Students are enrolled in the College of Graduate Studies and Research; all courses relevant to their degree are taken there and their degree is awarded by the University of Saskatchewan. Without the partnership between PSC and the above-mentioned departments at the University of Saskatchewan, the graduate training at PSC would not be possible.

The facilities at PSC provide an excellent venue for students to carry out their research. The strong interaction between the Centre and the pork industry provides students with a unique opportunity to develop a good understanding of the pork industry while pursuing an advanced academic degree.

Modern offices provide students with a comfortable, professional environment. They have ready access to a networked computer system with software programs relevant to their needs. An in-house library is particularly strong in pork industry publications and complements holdings at the University of Saskatchewan.

Students receive a competitive stipend during their period of studies at the Centre, and a travel fund is made available to each student to attend relevant scientific and industry conferences as part of their training. This enables graduate students to make obtaining their degree fun as well as a learning experience. With Graduate students and staff from around the world the Centre offers a unique opportunity for the individual to grow.

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