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Author: Ken Engele

2020 Saskatchewan Pork Symposium

The 2020 Saskatchewan Pork Symposium will be held VIRTUALLY on Thursdays from November 5 thru December 3 1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. (CST) Registration is FREE More information on upcoming Symposium topics/speakers can be found at: https://www.saskpork.com/pork-industry-symposium   For presentations already delivered can be found at: Watch the Nov 12th Video Recording by...

2020 Saskatchewan Pork Symposium

Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium November 2020 This year’s event will held VIRTUALLY on consecutive Thursdays from November 5 thru December 3, 2020. There will be no general sponsorship package available for this year’s program. https://www.saskpork.com/pork-industry-symposium  ...

Motivated for Movement – What is the cost of sow exercise?

Preliminary sow performance measures suggest exercising stall-housed gestating sows for 10 minutes, once per week has minimal effects on the productivity of younger sows, but may have a positive effect on older parity sows -  increasing the number of live born and reducing stillborns. With...

PSC Producer Meetings – Day 1

Feeding for Health – Can we Adjust Diets to Create a More Robust Pig?, Dan Columbus, Prairie Swine Centre Vaccines in Practice - Understanding and Optimizing Your Vaccines, Jessica Law, Prairie Swine Health Services https://youtu.be/NkkSaWKs4Tk  ...

PSC Producer Meetings – Day 2

The Role of Diet in GHG Output from Swine Facilities - Denise Beaulieu, University of Saskatchewan Breeding for Pig Robustness - Saskia Bloemhof-Abma, PIC How Does Transport Influence the Welfare and Productivity of Weaned Piglets? - Yolande Seddon, University of Saskatchewan https://youtu.be/AlsOYUBJl4Q  ...

Ideas to Fine Tune Your Operation

During these unprecedented times producers are challenged with maintaining operational efficiency and assessing external factors that directly impact their operations.  By taking a inward approach we may be able to find little things that can positively impact the bottom line.  As we start to find...

COVID-19: Tips and Advice for Pork Farms

Ontario Pork has been putting together a series of resources to help manage your operations during this important time.  Please follow the link to find more information on how you can best manage your operation during these critical times. https://www.ontariopork.on.ca/Communications/COVID19-Farm-Information  ...