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Author: Ken Engele

JOB POSTING – Animal Attendant I

Full-time Permanent Apply to: psc@usask.ca by July 15, 2020 We are seeking an individual who enjoys working with and caring for animals. The primary responsibilities include providing day-to-day animal care in breeding, gestation, farrowing and nursery, as well as grow-finish.  The successful candidate will have strong organizational,...

Ideas to Fine Tune Your Operation

During these unprecedented times producers are challenged with maintaining operational efficiency and assessing external factors that directly impact their operations.  By taking a inward approach we may be able to find little things that can positively impact the bottom line.  As we start to find...

COVID-19: Tips and Advice for Pork Farms

Ontario Pork has been putting together a series of resources to help manage your operations during this important time.  Please follow the link to find more information on how you can best manage your operation during these critical times. https://www.ontariopork.on.ca/Communications/COVID19-Farm-Information  ...

A Message to All Our Stakeholders Regarding COVID 19

A Message to All Our Stakeholders Regarding COVID 19 March 26, 2020 With the continuing global and provincial spread of COVID 19 it is important that we all do what we can to help reduce the spread of this virus.  Prairie Swine Centre takes our obligations and...

Water Intake and Wastage from Nipple Drinkers

Among nutrients, water is required in the greatest amount but has received the least attention. Water intake of grower/finisher pigs has been reported to range from 1.9 to 6.8 l/d, depending on body weight and feed intake. However, most ‘water intake’ reported in the literature is water disappearance from drinkers,...

Considerations for Large Group Housing of Finishing Pigs

Many questions have been asked about facility design and management of grower/finisher hogs in large groups. This document provides a practical evaluation of the raising of finisher hogs in large groups and encourages further evaluation of the appropriateness of this housing and management strategy for swine production.  Finishing pigs...

Research on Soybean Meal Offers Food for Thought

By Geoff Geddes, for Swine Innovation Porc Is boosting income or cutting costs the key to success? In pork production, it’s like choosing between food and water for survival: they’re both kind of important. Since the revenue side depends on market forces that are largely beyond your control, trimming expenses...