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Author: Ken Engele

Group Sow Housing

The National Sow Housing Conversion Project (NSHCP) was a Canada-wide project with the purpose of providing group sow housing information to swine producers and industry partners.  For more information please click on the image below. ...

Evaluating New Crop Grain

Density or bushel weight is commonly used to estimate grain quality. Bushel weight is easy, low-cost and fast, ADF and NDF are none of these. Research over the past 20 years, however, has been unable to demonstrate a good relationship between bushel weight and feeding quality of grains for swine. Frost damaged grains often have...

Feeding Green to Save Green

Pork producers are always looking for new ways in which they can increase their efficiencies through reducing feed costs. Feeding coproducts from the fuel ethanol industry like distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) or from the wheat flour industry like millrun can reduce feed cost and spare...

Evaluation of a Prototype Air-Filtered Transport Trailer

In response to the need by the industry for a livestock vehicle that addresses increased animal welfare and biosecurity during transport, a prototype air-filtered trailer was developed. Design parameters were gathered from a stakeholders’ survey and initial design configuration options were narrowed down using computer simulation.  The final design featured a trailer...

Interaction of Dietary Fibre and Immune Challenge on Threonine Requirements and Pig Robustness

Sub-clinical disease results in reduced growth and less efficient use of nutrients. With the elimination of in-feed antibiotics for growth promotion it is increasingly important to understand the interaction between nutrition and health and nutrient requirements during disease challenge events. This project set out to more fully understand the interaction between dietary...

Development of a Commercial Scale Air Treatment System

An air cleaning technology based on biotrickling filtration developed in previous phases of the project was scaled up  and tested at the PSC swine grower-finisher facility. Results showed that the air treatment units were effective in reducing the levels of ammonia, dust, and odour from the air stream at...

Practical Environmental Enrichment Strategies for Piglets

Pigs are intelligent and curious from birth, and the lactation and nursery periods are critical for their mental and  physical development. Despite this, research  on suitable enrichments for piglets is lacking. Research that has been done found that piglets  given enrichment had increased play and exploratory behaviours...