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The Interaction Between Pig Density and Dietary Energy on Performance

Dietary net energy and stocking density independently affect performance, feed utilization and profits in the finisher barn. The objective of this experiment was to assess the interactions of stocking density and dietary energy, and determine how these interactions affect net income. When stocking density was increased, the performance of finishing...

Dietary ω-6 to ω-3 Ratio Impacts Nursery Pigs

Results from these experiments indicate that altering the omega(ω)-6 to ω-3 fatty acid (FA) ratio can improve nursery pig performance, and protein deposition, potentially by diverting nutrients away from an unnecessary inflammatory response. Additionally, we found no effects on piglet performance or health by altering the amount without changing the...

Can Bovine Colostrum Mitigate the Post-Weaning Growth Lag?

Bovine colostrum is a good source of nutrients and growth factors, and is very palatable. It was added to the creep feed of piglets in the farrowing room and to the phase one diets immediately post-weaning to determine if it would increase feed intake, and help reduce the impacts...

Are My Pigs Eating?

Recent trials conducted at the Prairie Swine Centre, Inc. have confirmed the importance of feed intake by the piglet immediately post-weaning and/or consumption of creep feed in the farrowing room. We have also demonstrated that more than half of the piglets may not consume either creep feed, or the...

Will Hogs Provided with Whey Compensate in Feed and Water Intake?

Minimizing feed cost is always important for improving profits in swine production and can sometimes be accomplished by utilizing by-products from other agricultural industries. Whey, a product of the dairy processing industry, has well-known beneficial properties as a feed additive and is typically fed to newly weaned pigs in...

Assessing Whey to Reduce Feed Cost

Deproteinized whey permeate is a by-product of the cheese-making industry. Depending on the type of cheese being produced it can be categorized as “sweet whey” or “acid whey”, the latter contains about 4.7% organic acids. The objective of this experiment was to determine the response of weanling pigs to...

Effect of Dietary Calcium and Phosphorus in Sows

This study was designed to determine the influence of Ca and P intake by young, gestating sows on the growth and skeletal development of their developing piglets and if smaller birthweight piglets are at greater risk from mineral insufficiency during gestation. A total of 30 sows were randomly assigned...