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Getting More Piglets Interested in Creep Feed

Many piglets do not eat before weaning, even though it helps ease the weaning dip if they do. Weaning is a stressful period for piglets; they are removed from the sow and put into an unfamiliar environment, mixed with unknown piglets and have an abrupt...

Feeding Fusarium Contaminated Grain

Fusarium has been reported throughout western Canada. The principle toxin DON (deoxynivalenol or vomatoxin) contaminates the grain and impacts the feeding of pigs that ingest it. Average daily gain and feed intake are suppressed when fed DON levels over 1 to 2 ppm. Vomiting occurs...

Minimizing and Managing Ingredients Variability

Variation in nutrient composition of ingredients in livestock feeds needs to be understood to continue with efficient pork production. Ingredients are inconsistent, but feed manufacturers are still expected to produce consistent diets. Buyers and sellers affect the cost and risk associated with variation. If the...

A Revolution in Feed Management

Precision feeding technique technology is being developed for feeding pigs daily on an individual basis, maximizing their growth. Phase feeding programs feed based on targeted averages; with faster pigs often being underfeed and slow-growing pigs being overfed. When feeding individual pigs their daily needs, nitrogen...

Focus on Feed Efficiency in Pork Production

Up to 70% of the variable cost of production can be attributed to feed. Having better feed efficiency can largely impact the feed cost per pig. Social, environmental, immunological and management scenarios should be considered when examining feed efficiency. The “Focus on Feed Efficiency” webinar...

Can Omega-3 Fatty Acids Modulate the Immune Response of Pigs?

The most stressful time in a piglet’s life is weaning. The numerous amounts of stressors present contribute to the post-weaning growth lag which can lead to anorexia and immune reactions. Nutritional strategies may help improve performance when weaning, using techniques such as novel ingredients, highly...