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DON in Swine Diets

Fusarium mould contaminated grain has been on the rise due to cool wet summer weather. The mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON or vomitoxin) can be produced when fusarium moulds contaminate cereal grains. Other livestock are not as sensitive to DON as pigs are with the guideline being...

Feeding the 2009 Crop

Western Canadian Prairies had a late harvest due to a wet and cold spring delaying sprouting and seeding. A prediction of immature, sprouted or frozen grain is expected which may lower the overall cost for swine producers feed. Grain provide amino acids, protein and energy....

Weaning at 28 Days. Is Creep Feeding Beneficial?

Creep feeding in the farrowing room is often practiced to ensure the transition to solid feed at weaning goes smoothly. This is important as weight loss and increased disease risk are often noted post-weaning due to the stressful transition. It is possible that the creep...

Zinc Oxide and Antimicrobial Resistance in Pigs

An essential nutrient in a pigs diet is zinc, with minimum levels need around  100 ppm. In early starter rations, zinc oxide is often used therapeutically to control post-weaning E. coli diarrhea in levels of 2000 to 3000 ppm. Zinc oxide used therapeutically may create...

The Importance of Nitrogen for Growth

Protein is the second most expensive nutrient after energy in swine rations. While essential amino acids have been looked at extensively regarding requirements needed, total dietary nitrogen and non-essential amino acids have not. Pigs can use non-protein nitrogen to correct essential amino acid deficiency, though...