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Managing Feeding to Reduce Feed Wastage in Lactation

The largest cost associated with producing pork is feed. Feed wastage and spoilage may occur in lactating sows as they can be fed up to three times a day to maximize litter performance and feed intake. Electronic feeding systems are now commonly used as they...

Fermented Soybean Meal for Newly Weaned Piglets

Soybean meal is limited in its inclusion into young piglets diets as it contains a variety of anti-nutritional factors. Fermentation of soybean meal improves digestibility of nutrients, including amino acids, though variability occurs in this process. This experiment compared fermented soybean meal to standard soy...

Can Flaxseed Replace Antibiotics in Nursery Diets?

Social, nutritional and environmental stressors are involved in weaning and can activate an immune response in piglets. To solve this, they are often fed a low level of antibiotics. This is being phased out by Health Canada so alternative strategies are needed to help the...

Successfully Feeding Lentils to Finishing Pigs

The world's leading exporter and second largest producer of lentils is Saskatchewan. If 10% of lentil production is not acceptable for export, there would be plenty to feed pigs. Nutritional values were measured and diets were formulated for growing and finishing pigs. The maximum inclusion...

Feeding Mycotoxin Contaminated Grain to Swine

In Western Canada, moulds commonly produce chemical mycotoxins in grains and grain by-products. Over 400 different mycotoxins are known, though not all of them affect pigs. Mould in a sample does not always mean a mycotoxin is present, and mycotoxins do not always show with...