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Author: Shannon White

Better Pork October 2016

Articles in the October 2016 Better Pork Include: Beyond the Barn: Brewing a New Use for Pork, Canadian-Produced PED Vaccine in the Works, Social (Ag)Media: How to Cook Your Pork and Connect with Consumers, Getting With the Plan, Selling Swine Welfare Flying Fish Brewery in...

Better Pork August 2016

Articles in the August 2016 Better Pork Include: Beyond the Barn: Social (Ag)Media, Bacon Critic Wanted, New Tech to Ensure Manure Pit Safety, The Loose Housing Revolution Many producers are on social media. Accounts about agriculture are listed. A breakfast website, Extra Crispy, is looking...

Better Pork June 2016

Articles in the June 2016 Better Pork Include: Beyond the Barn: Stratford Hope Bacon and Ale will Lure Shakespeare Buffs, PRRS Resistant Hog a 'Potential Game Changer", Turning Manure Mountains into Gold, Spike in Barn Fires Causes Rising Public Concern Unique tastings of beer and...

Long-Term Feeding of Graded Levels of Deoxynivalenol in Finisher Pigs

Grains that are contaminated with mycotoxins are often downgraded for use in livestock feed. The incidence of contaminated grain is increasing, so avoiding contamination continues to become more difficult. Strategies to reduce or eliminate mycotoxins have been proposed with many that deactivate the mycotoxin through...

National Sow Housing Conversion Project

Canada and the U.S. are transitioning to group sow housing systems, with food retailers selecting pork products from these systems instead of sow gestation stalls. A large capitol investment is required for this process and selecting the correct system for each barn can be a...

Finding Effective Enrichments for Group Housed Sows

Group housing is a socially enriched environment, but aggression is still a risk due to competition for resources like territory and food. Providing enrichment can reduce aggression and stereotypic behaviours. The Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs requires that barns...

Determining Effective Enrichments for Group Housed Sows

Providing enrichment improves biological functioning and the well-being of animals. For pigs reared in Canada, this is now a requirement. It promotes positive social behaviour and is an outlet for their highly motivated exploratory behaviour. Adverse behaviours, stereotypic behaviours and aggression levels are increased in...