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EGF helps piglets get growing

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Production, Swine Innovation by student on June 11, 2018

Author: Swine Innovation Porc. Canadian Hog Journal Spring 2018.

“We now have the ability to boost the growth of early weaned pigs and decrease the chance of infection while reducing the use of antibiotics and blood plasma”. – Dr. Li

Summary:¬† Naturally produced in the sows milk is EGF or epidermal growth factor which supports the development of the piglet’s intestine. Piglets are being weaned around 21 days which results in a decrease in milk consumption, as well as EGF. This decreased milk consumption can slow their growth and development. Through the use of a three week trial researchers were able to demonstrate the benefits of EGF supplementation of intestinal development. EGF supplementation enhanced piglet growth, body weight gain, and gain to feed ratio.

EGF Helps Piglets Get Growing

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