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Canadian Hog Journal Fall 2017

Canadian Hog Journal Fall 2017

Articles in the Fall 2017 Canadian Hog Journal Include:

Hot Issues: Let the Barn Building Begin!, Increasing Slaughter Capacity, Manitoba’s War on PED

  • Barn construction related to herd expansion is occurring in Ontario as demand for pigs rise.
  • As herd expansion continues, slaughter capacity must follow. Building a slaughter facility in Ontario would prevent the need for exporting pigs across borders.
  • PED cases started in May and continues to spread. Biosecurity measures are continually being used to decrease transmission

Industry News: Le Porc Show Returns for an Encore

  • The forth annual event is occurring on November 27th and 28th. This event has something for everyone in the pork industry.

Social Licence: Alberta SPCA Celebrates 50 Years of Legislated Protection for Alberta’s Animals, Ontario’s Pig Mobile is on the Job of Public Education.

  • The Alberta SPCA is a charitable organization that can enforce the Animal Protection Act. A small number of investigations relate to hog production, when these arise, Alberta Pork also joins in the investigation. Alberta SPCA has helped keep animals safe for 50 years.
  • A trailer with plexiglass allows for mobile viewing of pigs, providing an opportunity to interact with the public and show how production works.

Research and Innovation: Analyzing and Optimizing Slaughter Results, Being too Thin in Late Pregnancy is not a Good Thing for Mammary Development, Optimum Space Allowances for Nursery Pigs

  • Slaughter grids are discussed along with the NPI Slaughter Analysis Program.
  • Body condition of gilts affects mammary development. Feeding regime in gestation has an impact on lactation performance in gilts.
  • Lower space allowances have a negative impact on average daily weight gain, especially in weeks 3 and 5. Drinking and feeding behaviour was also altered, indicating future decreased productivity. Nursery pigs are less willing to overlie at the end of the nursery phase.

Consumer Trends: The Daily Bacon

  • Halloween themed stories about pigs are described.

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