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Canadian Hog Journal Banff 2017

Canadian Hog Journal Banff 2017

Articles in the Banff 2017 Canadian Hog Journal Include:

Sustainable Intensification – Depleting Natural Resources

  • In order to have sustainable systems, the five fundamentals are needed. These include financial, animal welfare, food safety, worker availability and well-being and environmental.

Animal Protein’s Challenging Role in Feeding a Hungry Planet

  • Producing food has the largest impact on the environment. Demand for meat is only increasing and more sustainable measures are needed.

Swine Health: Preparedness for a Foreign Animal Disease, Modeling the Transboundary Survival of Foreign Animal Disease Pathogens in Contaminated Feed Ingredients

  • Prevention is the first step to preparing for a foreign animal disease, followed by early detection and response plans.
  • Foreign animal diseases were identified that could be risks to North America. Vehicles for introduction could be through contaminated feed transport.

Animal Transport Issues: Minimizing Challenges Caused by Animal Rights Groups

  • Have a code of conduct, hire the right people, train and retain, establish a reporting system, document problems and focus on transport.

Sow Productivity: Farrowing Room Management, Determinants of Lactation Success in Primiparous Sows

  • Focused management on the farrowing barn, room and crate support improved health, welfare and growth production outcomes for piglets and weaned pigs.
  • Culling of gilts following a poor first lactation is an economic drain for producers. Preparing the gilt for a successful first lactation will benefit performance in subsequent parities.

Labour Management: Changing Landscape of Agricultural Labour

  • Influences and issues that impact agricultural employment are explored.

Transport Wash Innovation Wins Aherne Prize Seminar

  • Blue Water Wash of Blumenort, Manitoba accepted the award for the company’s new innovative heavy equipment undercarriage wash.

Changing the Conversation

  • Negative perception of brands can be changed.

Winning the Battle of Public Misconception About Food

  • Genetic modification is a new technology that the public are concerned about. The public needs to be educated to show that this is a beneficial technology.

Breeding Technologies: Current Strategies and Technologies for Reproductive Management of Gilts and Sows, Application of Sexed Sperm in Pig Production, Editing the Genome for PRRSV Resistance

  • Technologies to increase the precision of pig reproduction are becoming more widely available. These technologies are further discussed.
  • As sorting capacity improves, commercial application of sexed sperm is expected to increase. Fast Genetics explains sex sorting using flow cytometry.
  • Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus may be mitigated by gene editing to delete the protein responsible for infection.

Is Re-Tooling over, or Just Beginning?

  • Demand can make or break a market. In order to get a clear picture of the demand, the price must be combined with the consumption

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