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Western Hog Journal Winter 2016

Western Hog Journal Winter 2016

Articles in the Winter 2016 Western Hog Journal Include:

Hot Issues: Pork Industry Ponders Perspective on Cancer Warning, U.S. Finally Repeals COOL

  • A report states that red meats and processed meats have been linked to cancer, mainly colorectal, prostate and pancreatic cancers. Recommendations include having processed meats once a month and decreasing intake of red meats.
  • Mandatory Country of origin labelling (COOL) provisions have been repealed. This will help with renewed investment in Canadian swine production.

Industry News: Alberta Pork Gears Up, Olymel Shipping More Pork to China, Producers Sought to Complete Stress Survey, Successful Fall Meeting for Manitoba Pork Producers

  • Pork and agriculture events and meetings have kept the Alberta swine industry busy. A bill was passed to protect farm worker safety.
  • The Red Deer Plant is the largest hog processing operation in Alberta. Modifications to processing are helping Olymel sell whole hog heads to China.
  • More responses are needed to the survey for a Guelph study on the stress agricultural producers in Canada endure. It can be completed online and take 15 minutes to do.
  • Prices are beginning to collapse going into the end of the year. A presentation on moving away from antibiotics was well-received. Truck washing regulations were discussed.

Production and Processing: Alberta Colony Leads in Reducing Antibiotics, Alberta’s Pork Processors Gaining Traction in Global Markets

  • Adopting enzymes and bio-based feed supplements is helping eliminate antibiotic use in Spring Creek. Investing more into feed can help get more profit from each pig.
  • The Alberta Pork Export Market Development Program (APEMDP) allows Alberta-based pork processing plants to grow their international efforts.

Research and Innovation: Multi-Pathogen Test Could Improve Detection of Respiratory Disease, Feeding Canola Press-Cake to Starter Pigs, Using Exploratory Behaviour to Increase Pre-Weaning Creep Consumption, Exploring Geothermal Heating in Swine Operations

  • User-friendly tools to identify 8 major porcine respiratory disease complex pathogens in a single reaction are being developed.
  • Canola press-cake could be a source of energy and protein in pig diets. This can replace soybean meal without detrimental effects on growth performance.
  • Enrichment and different tray feeders were investigated to see if they affected creep feed intake. A large tray feeder is most effective as it encourages social behaviour and foraging.
  • Energy prices continue to rise so new technologies are needed. Energy consumption was reduced by geothermal heating systems with less methane and carbon dioxide present.

Pork Culture and Trends: Your Daily Bacon, Chop ‘Til You Drop

  • Why everyone loves bacon
  • Several provincial events are helping Alberta-grown pork remain popular.

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