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Author: Shannon White

Enhancement of Litter Size in Commercial Swine

A large concern in the North American Pork Industry is prenatal mortality.  Between gestation days 15-0, 20-30% of coceptuses are lost, with another 10-15% loses between gestation days 50-70. Different techniques to improve litter size have been used such as selective breeding for genes responsible...

Benchmarking and Standardization of Swine Production Systems

Wide variations in building design, barn equipment, construction, management and other operational systems contribute to added costs and inefficiencies in hog barns. These variabilities make it difficult to develop improvement measures and they cannot be applied from barn to barn as they are all so...

Determining the NE Content of Diets and Ingredients

Feed has a large impact on the efficiency of production. Over 65% of the total hog production cost is due to feed. Energy is the most expensive component at 90%, so characterizing the available energy in a feed is required to estimate its overall feeding...