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Author: Shannon White

Feeding Extruded Flaxseed to Produce Omega-3 Enriched Pork

Human health benefits have been noted from omega-3 fatty acids. Most meat has low amounts due to feed ingredients lacking omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed has alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and could be a source for omega-3 in pork. Three levels of extruded flaxseed were studied...

Handling Stress During Marketing of Pigs from Large Groups

Pigs from conventional small groups are less socially tolerant compared to pigs from larger groups and fight more when in re-grouping scenarios such as marketing. Pigs from large groups are easier to load and handle as well.  Fewer deaths have been recorded during marketing when...

Benchmarking Energy Costs in Swine Barns

Energy intensive tasks are involved in swine production. As prices for energy increase along with greenhouse gas concerns, reducing energy use is crucial to reduce cost. Benchmark information was gathered to conduct energy audits documenting energy use in order to evaluate possible energy-saving measures for...

Does the Energy of Peas Depend on Their Composition

Composition varies largely throughout pea samples in the Prairies. This variation may affect the energy value of the peas and therefore the energy supplied to the pigs. Protein and starch content had a wide variation while the energy variation was much lower, probably due to...