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Reducing Energy Use in Group Housing Systems

In this study, controlled-chamber experiments were carried out to develop an operant mechanism that allowed the sows to demonstrate their preferred environmental temperature and to study the effects of fibre addition on growth performance and physiological response. Results showed that sows fed with high heat-increment diet were able to...

Can Nanoparticles Control PEDv?

This project set out to evaluate the efficacy of novel metal nanoparticles (with previously demonstrated antimicrobial properties), either alone or in combination with alternative disinfecting strategies for inactivation of PED.   Conducting the work under Biosafety Level 3 containment, experiments that simulated hog production environments showed that copper...

Evaluating Novel Technologies

Two novel technologies consisting of an individual water consumption system (IWCS) and infrared thermography system (ITHS) were installed in a finishing room. The individual water consumption system (installed in each pen) was composed of a nipple drinker attached to a water fl ow meter, and an RFID...

Ventilation System Requirements for Converted Gestation Barns

Computer simulation was utilized to assess the performance of different ventilation system configurations needed for a sow gestation barn newly converted to group housing. Various configurations of the ventilation system involving varying capacities and locations of exhaust fans as well as size, design and location of air inlets, were...

Mitigating Barn Deterioration

When we look across the Canadian pork industry it becomes apparent that due to the age of most facilities a large percentage will need to be replaced or renovated over the next few years – as most buildings average between 20-30 years old. The majority...