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Author: Shannon White

Water Intake Chart

A chart of recommended flow rate and height of nipple drinkers for phase and weights of swine. Nipples should be set to shoulder height of the smallest pig in the pen. Follow these guidelines to decrease water wastage and save on costs. Water Intake Chart (full...

Managing Feeding to Reduce Feed Wastage in Lactation

The largest cost associated with producing pork is feed. Feed wastage and spoilage may occur in lactating sows as they can be fed up to three times a day to maximize litter performance and feed intake. Electronic feeding systems are now commonly used as they...

How do you Decide Whether to Adopt New Technology?

Things to consider when deciding to purchase new technology include productivity impacts, implementation and maintenance costs, manager and worker preferences, animal handling and food safety regulations. Worker health and safety should be strongly considered as well. Health and safety evaluations of new technologies are being...

Effectively Assessing Barn Renovations

A checklist is provided to help make objective barn investment decisions for renovations. Walk around your barn with a flashlight, a ladder and some tools to assess equipment. Four areas that are considered in this checklist are biosecurity, utilities, operation and structural. Walk the barn,...

Fermented Soybean Meal for Newly Weaned Piglets

Soybean meal is limited in its inclusion into young piglets diets as it contains a variety of anti-nutritional factors. Fermentation of soybean meal improves digestibility of nutrients, including amino acids, though variability occurs in this process. This experiment compared fermented soybean meal to standard soy...

Piglet Health and Welfare in the Nursery

Weaning causes piglets to experience acute stress due to sudden changes in the social group, the environment and in diet. It often leads to aggression, weight loss, diarrhea, belly nosing and disease. Weaning in intensive farm units is much different from wild pigs. Stimulating early...

Compounding Iron Dextran with NSAIDs at Processing

NSAIDs are often given at processing along with iron dextran and it is tempting to given them together to reduce the number of injections to the piglet. Mixing these products is not allowed under the Canadian Assurance program, though it does happen occasionally so possible...