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Author: Shannon White

Demonstrating Water Conservation

An essential nutrient for pig growth is water. Water wastage leads to increased costs and often comes from nipple drinkers. When they are adjusted properly the water wasted is up to 25%, but commonly commercial farms report 40 to 60%. Flow rates and nipple heights...

Washing Procedures, Auditing Best Management Practices

The top uses of water in swine barns are drinking and cleaning. Reducing water through water conservation strategies will reduce the cost of production and have a more sustainable environmental effect as less manure is produced. Most barns audited pre-soak rooms before washing, though this...

Assessing Trailer Cleanliness

An important step in maintaining biosecurity is proper washing and disinfection of transport trailers. Visual inspection is not aa reliable assessment for measuring cleanliness. Using microbiological culture works, though the plating of media and incubation time make it somewhat impractical as test results take awhile...

On-Farm Biosecurity Auditing Best Management Practices

Audit results across Canada show that producers know the importance of biosecurity. Almost all the farms that participated had only one source of animals entering the facility, showering with a change of clothes and reviewing biosecurity protocols yearly were common too. Areas that can be...

Optimum Space Allowances for Nursery Pigs

Economic viability of farms and the health and welfare of animals are affected by space allowances. There is not much information available on the space allowances of nursery pigs. Maximum feed intake and average daily gain are increased when optimal space allowances are given. The...

Ventilating Converted Sow Rooms

Ventilation has a large effect on barn operating costs and many aspects of the environment. Using the existing ventilation system in converted sow facilities (from stall to group housing) will lead to over-ventilation during the winter as the minimum ventilation fans are designed for higher...

Feeder Design Chart

Minimum feeder space width should equal the largest pigs shoulder width plus 10% as body shape varies. A chart is attached for further information of feeder depth and width measurements for different weights. Feeder Design Chart (full article)...