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Author: Shannon White

Nutritional Value of Debranned Wheat

A nutritional value should be higher in dehulled or debranned cereal grains as removal of the fibrous hull reduces the fibre content. The nutritional value has not previously been explored. Debranned wheat had a higher DE content than the parent wheat but lower than oat...

Effects of Fibre in Cereal Grains on Performance of Weaned Pigs

Voluntary feed intake and nutrient content may impact the variation in nutritional value of feed ingredients. Digestibility and nutrient availability is limited by fibre content and negatively affects using Canadian ingredients to feed the pork industry. Differences were noted between diets with different fibre contents....

Nutritional Value of High-Oil Oat Groats

High oil oat groats are assumed to have a higher DE content and therefore a higher nutritional value though this has not been explored extensively. Oat groats are known for their palatability and high energy density but the natural variant with high oil should be...

The Effect of Ergot on the Performance of Weanling Pigs

Ergot reduces the quality of grain as a number of poisonous alkaloid-containing ergot sclerotia have replaced grain kernels. If these grains end up in the feedstuff of swine it may impair development and growth and decrease hormone concentrations like prolactin. The level of ergot that...

Feeding Level Affects Barley DE Measurements in Grower Pigs

Nutrient content and feeding level of diets used in DE content measurement for grains prevent voluntary feed intake measurements and practical conditions are not reflected. Three barley samples with different fibre content were studied to look for differences in voluntary feed intake. Performance and voluntary...