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Author: Shannon White

What can the Web Calculator do for Me?

A simple, personalizable web calculator has been developed by the Prairies Swine Centre and the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture in order to predict the value of technology adoption. Productivity, implementation costs, and health and safety impacts are incorporated and will help...

What is the Long Term Impact of Feeding DON to Finishing Pigs?

Grains contaminated with mycotoxins are commonly downgraded for livestock feed. Best practice is to avoid using this, though that is getting increasingly difficult due to increased incidence and level of contamination. Corn, wheat, oats and barley are commonly contaminated by the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON). DON...

Managing Water Intake, Auditing Best Management Practices

Water is the nutrient that is required in the greatest amount, though it often receives the least amount of attention. Finisher pigs' water intake is up to three times their feed intake, though a lot of the water intake reported includes water wastage. Nipple drinkers...

Finishing Facilities

Small changes have a large impact on the profitability of the operation in regard to finishing facilities due to the length of it. 16 finishing facilities were audited with many achieving a score above 80% for the adoption of best management practices. An area for...

Nursery Facilities, Auditing Best Management Practices

Weaned pigs require a good environment without drafts, is dry with fresh air, water and feed in order to optimize nursery performance. Out of the 18 nursery facilities audited, management practices were good, though improvement can be made in regard to adopting enrichment. Only 11%...

Farrowing Systems, Auditing Best Management Practices

Birth to weaning is the most critical period in the life cycle of a pig. Farrowing practices directly impact the piglets and their performance and also the future breeding herd performance. 21 farms were audited across Canada to see the best management practices in farrowing....