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Author: Shannon White

Novel Biocontainment Concept for Quarantine Facilities

Often the quarantine facility is located within 100 m of the breeding facility. This increases contamination risk as some viruses and diseases can spread further, such as PRRS virus which can be transmitted over 9.2 km in the air. Filters in the air inlet are...

Effectiveness of Sprinkling During Transport

Sprinkling pigs on-farm, before transport and unloading at the packing plant improve meat quality and pig comfort when it is over 20°C outside. There are no current guidelines on when to sprinkle pigs in hot temperatures. If temperatures are above 30°C, pigs can no longer...

Minimizing and Managing Ingredients Variability

Variation in nutrient composition of ingredients in livestock feeds needs to be understood to continue with efficient pork production. Ingredients are inconsistent, but feed manufacturers are still expected to produce consistent diets. Buyers and sellers affect the cost and risk associated with variation. If the...

A Revolution in Feed Management

Precision feeding technique technology is being developed for feeding pigs daily on an individual basis, maximizing their growth. Phase feeding programs feed based on targeted averages; with faster pigs often being underfeed and slow-growing pigs being overfed. When feeding individual pigs their daily needs, nitrogen...

Focus on Feed Efficiency in Pork Production

Up to 70% of the variable cost of production can be attributed to feed. Having better feed efficiency can largely impact the feed cost per pig. Social, environmental, immunological and management scenarios should be considered when examining feed efficiency. The “Focus on Feed Efficiency” webinar...