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Better Pork June 2016

Better Pork June 2016

Articles in the June 2016 Better Pork Include:

Beyond the Barn: Stratford Hope Bacon and Ale will Lure Shakespeare Buffs, PRRS Resistant Hog a ‘Potential Game Changer”, Turning Manure Mountains into Gold, Spike in Barn Fires Causes Rising Public Concern

  • Unique tastings of beer and bacon samples are available at many locations as a promotion for visitors in Perth County.
  • Genus plc has licensed gene-editing research that is expected to produce  porcine reproduction and respiratory syndrome resistant pigs.
  • Converting manure into more manageable mineral and soil conditioning products may help reduce pollution and cut back on synthetic fertilizers.
  • Options for preventing barn fires are discussed

Pork News and Views: Is ‘Social License’ Relevant to Pork?, Banff Pork Seminar – Optimizing Feed and Farm Management to Market Conditions, April 2016 Swine Budget

  • It’s in producers best interest to stay up to date on social license. Monitoring these trends can help with future business.
  • Changing market conditions should be in mind when making management and feed decisions.
  • The budget sheet for April 2016

Herd Health: Reproductive Failure Caused by Bacteria

  • Different types of bacteria are discussed that can cause reproductive failure. Many are zoonotic so precautions should be in place to keep everyone safe.

Legislation: Updates Coming to Pig Code

  • Post-procedure pain in castration and tail docking needs to be mitigated with analgesics at any age of pig.

Eye on Europe: Antibiotic-Free Pork from Denmark Well Received in USA, Weaners Thrive on Liquid Feed Plus Straw Pellets, Dutch Welfare Group Calls for Limits on Litter Size, Dairy-Style Silage Ration Proves a Hit with Gloucestershire Old Spot Hogs

  • Danish Crown is providing bonuses to producers who can produce antibiotic-free pigs
  • Straw pellets provided encouraged extra feed intake and may have diverted aggressive behaviours.
  • The Netherland’s Action Group Swine in Danger wants to limit litter sizes with extra pigs being fostered or artificially reared.
  • Low-cost hog rations can be made up of alfalfa sileage and homegrown peas and barley plus required minerals.

Marketing: Hog Futures Should Hit Their Seasonal High in Summer

  • Hog prices are matching the predictable seasonal pattern so far, with the seasonal high anticipated for June or July.

Second Look: Farm Succession Planning Should Start Sooner than Later

  • A strategy should be in place to successfully transfer knowledge, management, labour and ownership onto the next generation.

Better Pork – June 2016 (full journal)