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Canadian Hog Journal Spring 2020

Canadian Hog Journal Spring 2020

Articles in the Spring 2020 Canadian Hog Journal Include:

Hot Issues: Defending the Pork Value Chain During COVID-19, Buying into Biosecurity can be a Burden

  • So far in the recent months of COVID-19, food demand remains unchanged, though losses are projected for the future. Spring 2020 annual meetings were cancelled. Threats to staffing have been felt in the pork industry, especially in Canada’s meat processors. Shutdowns of some pork, beef and poultry plants in the U.S. and Canada have occurred, disrupting the chain to processing.
  • A National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard was created that should help tailor biosecurity needs to individual farms. Having good biosecurity translates into producing safe food.

Markets and More: Producers Should Seek Better Share of Export Prices

  • Asia exports are increasing while exports to the U. S. continue to decline due to a shift in export market values. Western Canadian producers are experiencing lower prices for pork compared to Eastern Canada.

News and Views: Domestic Meat Demand Remains Strong, Alberta Pork Welcomes Incoming Directors, Municipal Leaders Tackle Western Economic Challenges, Alberta Government Consults Producers on Research, Maple Leaf CEO Comments on Plane Tragedy, New Name for Coop Federee, Hormel Joins Tyson Foods, JBS in Removing Ractopamine, Genesus Welcomes New Geneticist, Canarm Promotes Sales Director, Hypor Expands Ontario Sales Presence, Hanneke Feitsma Leaves Lasting Impact, Topigs Norsvin’s 45th Million Pig, Efficacy of Virkon™ against COVID-19, Australia, U.S. Pledge new African Swine Fever Funding, Wild Pigs Eradicated in Colorado

  • The Power of Meat 2020 shows sales growth, consumption trends and consumer preferences.
  • Marcel Rupert is welcomed to the Alberta Pork Board of Directors.
  • Western Economic Solutions Taskforce was created to ensure the western communities voices were heard in Ottawa.
  • Priorities for provincial research are being set through discussions with Alberta government and producers.
  • The CEO of maple leaf published a twitter post on the plane crash in Tehran, Iran.
  • La Coop federee has changed its name to “Sollio Groupe Cooperatif”
  • Hormel Foods in Minnesota is removing ractopamine from production. They can now sell in China as ractopamine is banned there.
  • Dr. Chad Bierman is the new Geneticist at Genesus.
  • Paul Fallis is the new Sales Director at Canarm Ag Products.
  • Bryce Vantyghem is the new Sales Representative with an Ontario swine business unit.
  • Hanneke Feitsma, the Quality Assurance Manager at Global Gene Transfer Centre passed away.
  • Pigbase, Topigs Norsvin’s breeding database has data from over 45 million breeding pigs.
  • Virkon™ is effective against porcine epidemic diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, canine coronavirus, feline infectious peritonitis and avian infectious bronchitis. It may also inactivate COVID-19.
  • Airports and land boarding crossings in Australia and U.S. have more support and funding in preventing African Swine Fever from entering the countries.
  • Colorado state is free of wild pigs.

Food Culture and Trends: Exploring Four Key Food Trends for 2020

  • Gen-Z and Millennials are more likely to purchase animal-welfare-certified products. One in three Canadian consumers do not believe Canada’s food system is on the right course, with 91% not knowing much about current farming practices. Veganism and vegetarianism is on the rise. Plant-based food trends are rising as a way to moderate consumers carbon footprints, with blended meat products on the rise.

Research and Innovation: Growth Performance of Weaned Pigs Fed Raw or Heat-Processed Field Pea, Functional Amino Acids Above Requirements Enhance the Ability of Pigs to Cope with an Enteric Challenge

  • Field pea diets have lower digestibility of protein and energy and heat processing did not improve this. Weight gain was similar but the field pea diet had increased feed intake so feed conversion was worse. Growth is not affected by feeding weaned pigs 40% raw field pea in place of 30% soybean meal and 10% wheat.
  • A combination of functional amino acids supplemented above growth requirements improve average daily gain and feed efficiency in diseased pigs. They reduce bacterial shedding while improving the immune response.

Canadian Hog Journal – Spring 2020 (full journal)