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Canadian Hog Journal Winter 2019

Canadian Hog Journal Winter 2019

Articles in the Winter 2019 Canadian Hog Journal Include:

Hot Issues: Looking at the Promises and Potential Impact of Premier Doug Ford’s Reign, Leveraging Quality Assurance for Better Pay

  • Ontario Pork is encouraged that Doug Ford wants to work with farmers. One of the promises involve annual funding of $50 million to the Risk Management Program and the provincial carbon cap and trade program has been eliminated.
  • Alberta Pork is only participating in the Canadian Pork Excellence (CPE) program if per head of CPE validated hogs gets an additional $7 from the packers. Producers do not seem to gain from these programs, it seems as though the packing plants do.

Trade and Commerce: Canadian Pork Council Trade Report

  • The Canadian Pork Council Trade Report is Posted

Industry and News: 2018 Saskatchewan Pork Industry Awards of Distinction, Alberta Pork Producers Convene in Calgary for AGM

  • Dr. Mark Jacobson of Warman Veterinary Services received a lifetime achievement award along with Lee Whittington, the former CEO of the Prairie Swine Centre.
  • Alberta Pork’s annual general meeting occurred in November.

Research and Innovation: Managing Water Intake, High-Fibre Diets and Immune Stimulation Increase Threonine Requirements in Growing Pigs, Feeding Hogs Extruded and Expeller-Pressed B. juncea Canola Cake

  • Drinker type and management has a large effect on water wastage. Well-managed nipple drinkers can have the same low water wastage as bowl drinkers if managed properly. Ensure to adjust the flow rates to the correct amount.
  • During an immune challenge in pigs, threonine requirements increase. Fibre and immune stimulation have interactive effects. This helps in creating feed programs with a lower cost and less reliance on antibiotics.
  • B. juncea  fed in inclusions up to 20% reduced growth performance by reducing feed intake. This is likely due to the glucosinolate that is bitter in taste.  5-10% extruded and expeller-pressed B. juncea canola cake should be the maximum fed to hogs.

Pork Culture and Trends: Your Daily Bacon