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Better Pork February 2017

Better Pork February 2017

Articles in the February 2017 Better Pork Include:

Beyond the Barn: Importing Viruses via Feed, Shopping for Bacon in Virtual Reality, Canadian Pork Industry Hoping TPP Won’t be DOA (Dead on Arrival), Label Claims for the 98%

  • Viral pathogens can travel through imported feed from high-risk countries. U.S. and Canada have high level regulations to ensure disease prevention.
  • Hormel Foods introduced The Black Market as a virtual world where consumers can search for distinct bacon flavours and purchase them.
  • Donald Trump is threatening to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership which could have huge negative impacts for the pork industry.
  • 98% of Canadians are consumers while the other 2% are the producers. Consumers are increasingly asking for specialty products such as organic, raised without antibiotics, etc. Often producers and industry set the standards for the labels with only a few having government regulations. True Foods verifies these label claims.

Export Markets: Canadian Pork Valued Abroad

  • Canada is the third largest pork exporter in the world due to the high quality pork that is produced.

Up Close: Hutterite Farmer Raises Pigs – And Future Producers

  • Mark Wipf has been farming since he was 15, now he is the hog manager at the Hutterite colony farm.

Pork News and Views: Enrichment for Pigs, Hydrogen Sulphide in Swine Barns, Best Practice Sheets for the Barn, Preventing Fires on Farm, Swine Budget December 2016

  • As of 2014, enrichment is required for pigs in Canada. This is to increase their welfare by enhancing the environment. There are different types of enrichment that can be used  and they should be rotated often to keep the pigs interest.
  • Hydrogen sulphide is a dangerous gas produced from decomposing manure. The hazardous locations should be known and exposure limits need to be followed.
  • Best practice sheets should be laminated and posted in the appropriate area that describes  how to properly do a job so that the same standards are known to all workers.
  • Around 40% of barn fires care caused by faulty electrical systems. Regular maintenance and inspections should be done to reduce the risk of a fire.
  • The swine budget for December 2016 is provided.

Herd Health: A New Pestivirus Identified as a Cause of Congenital Tremors

  • Congenital tremors or shaking pig disease occurs occasionally in newborn pigs and can have high mortality if it prevents them from suckling. A new pestivirus may be the cause behind it.

Nutrition: Balancing the Benefits of Pellet Feeding with the Health of Grower-Finisher Pigs

  • Feed efficiency can be improved and feed waste can be minimized by using pelleted diets, but stomach ulcers and death may also occur. Rotational feeding patterns between meal and pelleted diets reduces risk of ulcers while the benefits of pelleted feed are still seen.

Swine Health Ontario: To Eliminate or Not to Eliminate

  • The choice to eliminate or live with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea can be a difficult one as both can be costly. Swine Health Ontario is hoping to eliminate this disease by October 2017 in Ontario.

Second Look: Hakuna Matata: A Good Philosophy for Life

  • Moments should be enjoyed while they can; Reducing stress by focusing on more positive aspects can help with leading a happier lifestyle.

Better Pork – February 2017 (full journal)